Six Ways to keep the "Good" in your Boy

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God created boys to become men who are good. Unfortunately most of them are too busy playing Call of Duty to actually have a real life call of duty. As a mom, you have a unique role in equipping your son to stand against a culture that wants to strip him of his masculinity. Joined by her husband Bob Gresh, bestselling author Dannah Gresh blends thorough analysis of the latest research and trends that impact your son, answering questions like: 

  • Are video games okay? 
  • When should I talk to him about porn? 
  • How can I raise a good son if his dad isn't involved? 
  • When should I talk about sex? 
  • What do I do about aggressive girls?

Packed with positive, practical advice, any mom can use this book effectively to help guide her tween son to become a godly man.




"With two young sons of our own, Jean and I can certainly attest to the challenges raising boys can bring! Dannah and Bob offer parents a fascinating look into the development of tween and teen boys, as well as a wealth of practical, hands-on musts for successfully connecting with them. Learn the 'how-to’s' for building and strengthening parent/son relationships and guiding young men toward a purposeful, God-honoring adulthood.”
Jim Daly,
President, Focus on the Family

"Almost every single day I ask the Lord to make me a better mom to my four children. Books like this one feel like an answer to prayer. Dannah Gresh has done a fabulous job addressing many of the issues that concern our boys. I recommend highly her insights, Biblical instruction and practical mom application. These pages are marching orders! It's time to fight for the good in our boys.”
Angela Thomas
Bestselling Author and Speaker


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