Secret Keeper Girl Live DVD

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The wait is over. The live event based on the bestselling Secret Keeper Girl series, loved by more than 250,000 moms and daughters, is now available on DVD for the first time ever! Featuring interactive stories and games, practical Bible teaching on true beauty and a girls' modesty fashion show using our world famous "Truth or Bare" Fashion Tests, you'll enjoy the Pajama Party Tour along with your daughter or host an exciting Pajama Party of your own. This feature length DVD includes the entire show and gives you a front row seat right next to your little girl. It's the most fun you will ever have digging into God's Word together!


"Now we can have PJ parties in our own living rooms with our girls' friends! Can't wait!"

"Thank You! Thank You! Thank YOU!!!! HUGS all around, think of all the young ladies and moms who will be impacted by this!!! Can't wait!"