True Beauty Book and Livestream Box

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Give the gift of mother-daughter connection this Christmas with our livestream Bible Study box! This bundle includes the all-new True Girl Original Album, True Girl: True Beauty book and devos, and registration to our spring livestream Bible study with Dannah Gresh and Chizzy Anderson, all packaged up in our exclusive True Girl box!

During our 6-week study your daughter will:
  • Learn that she is a masterpiece created by God
  • Learn how to recognize lies about herself and her beauty
  • Learn fun and creative ways to dress
  • Feel the power of embracing true beauty

Each week will include poll questions, fun themes, Q&A time, and most importantly, we’ll give you and your daughter the opportunity to dig into God’s word together.

(The True Girl box will ship inside a plain white box to keep the Christmas gift a surprise!) 

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