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If it were up to us, we'd invite you over to our place so you could be introduced appropriately

You'd be munching on freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and sipping a hot cup of coffee while you meet the team and hear about our ministry vision. Since we haven't figured out how to do that via the internet yet, we suggest you whip up your favorite Keurig cup and snag the last few Oreos while you browse. It's the next best thing!

Pure Freedom, founded by Bob and Dannah Gresh, provides resources like books and live events to equip the Church to live lives of purity. As a mother/daughter relationship coach, Dannah places special emphasis on helping moms raise their tween girls to be sexually pure, modest and emotionally whole teen girls. It's become our specialty!

  • For Tween Girls and Their Moms
    Research indicates that the tween years (8-12) are critical development years for sexual values, but the world is constantly pressuring girls to grow up too fast. Since parent-child connectedness is THE factor that helps keep the "little" in your girl, Dannah created Secret Keeper Girl -- a special series of books, resources and live events just for tween girls! From the Secret Keeper Girl Live Event to Bible studies, fiction books, tween devotionals and our nearly world famous '8 Great Dates' kits for moms and daughters, Secret Keeper Girl is like a mom's best friend when it comes to parenting tweens. Stop by secretkeepergirl.com for more info.
  • For Teen Girls and Their Moms
    The teen years can be rocky, but it IS possible to maintain a strong mother/daughter relationship. Teens want honest answers and good reasons. Dannah Gresh offers both! Combining the facts of social science with the truth of God's Word, Dannah is one of the bestselling authors writing for teens today. College-age women also find her books transparent, warm and relevant. From her classic first book, And the Bride Wore White, to her recent releases What Are You Waiting For: The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex and Get Lost: Your Guide to Finding True Love, young women receive truth, hope and healing.

Nestled under the umbrella of helping mothers and daughters to connect is a deeper vision:

It is the mission of Pure Freedom to equip men and women of all ages to live a vibrant life of purity, to experience healing from past impurity if it exists in their lives and to experience a vibrant, passionate marriage which portrays the love Christ has for his Bride the church. (Ephesians 5:31, 32) 

That's why you'll also find a few books for women, teen guys, and parents of tween boys. Our offices are located in State College, Pennsylvania. We're a small team with big hearts and would love to serve you in any way we can

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