The Secret of the Lord

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Are you ready to stop playing church and begin living an authentic life in Christ? Do you put on a happy face to disguise feelings of sadness, loneliness, or depression? You’re not alone. Nearly half of all women say they are still searching for one authentic friendship in their church body. Best-selling author Dannah Gresh knows the transforming power that will turn your life into a glorious adventure with God.  Move beyond the masks of simulated perfection so often put on for Sunday morning, and discover true intimacy with God and with other believers. The Secret of the Lord takes you to a place where the lonely find intimacy, the distressed find joy, and God’s love revives entire communities.

“The Secret of the Lord is for women who want to dig deeper and reach higher. It is for women who want their souls stirred and their spirits ignited. The Secret of the Lord is for me… and you.”
Donna VanLiere
New York Times best-selling author, The Christmas Blessing

“Dannah Gresh’s The Secret of the Lord is a biblically sound guidebook that brings true freedom and healing.”
Ruth Graham
Author of In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart

“God taught me so much through reading The Secret of the Lord… the masks I longed to protect and guard came down one by one.” Tammy Maltby
Cohost of Emmy Nominated Aspiring Women and Author of Lifegiving: Discovering the Secrets to a Beautiful Life