Who Moved the Goalpost?

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Seven Winning Strategies in the Sexual Integrity Gameplan
by Bob and Dannah Gresh

Until 1974, the NFL's field goal post was right on the goal line instead of at the back of the end zone as it is today. Sometimes when we're rushing around on the playing field of life, the temptation distracts us and...bammm...you're nose deep in the goal post of lust. Can you identify? There is hope. You'll find it in Who Moved the Goalpost. In a casual, humorous writing style, Bob exposes Satan's three sex lies, shares God's three powerful truths, outlines seven winning strategies to live by each day and lays down a game plan for a healthy, pure relationship. Bob reveals his own struggles with rare transparency. One guy said, "I'd be reading and think 'I can't believe he just said that, but I'm so glad he did'." Today's teen and college-aged young men are challenged to a life of integrity by realizing they're not alone.

"Few [books] address as bluntly and as openly as this one...It...will inspire teen guys to a greater purity."
Moody, Sept./Oct. 2001

"Bob has written an engaging and practical tool for young men to use in avoiding the deadly trap of and addiction."
Dr. Ted Roberts
Pastor and Author of Pure Desire

"I just concluded reading Who Moved the Goalpost. ...it was such a positive influence. I am a 20 year old college student and basically figuring out what God wants for me and your book has helped answer many questions, not only in the field of sexual integrity but also in preparation for my eventual wife. THANK YOU!!!!!"


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